Finnish Society for Human-Animal Studies

The Finnish Society for Human–Animal Studies (YKES) is a scientific association that brings together researchers in the multidisciplinary field of human–animal studies in Finland. The society promotes research in human−animal relations in social sciences and humanities in Finland as well as multidisciplinary research on human−animal relations.

The society was founded in 2009. It organizes annually national human–animal studies conferences (Eläintutkimuspäivät) and publishes a journal titled Trace ∴ Journal on Human–Animal Studies. The society is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The society disseminates topical information in the field of human–animal studies (conferences, publications etc.) via its Twitter account and Facebook page both in Finnish and in English. The society also maintains an e-mail list, providing a communication channel for the researchers and students in the field. If you are interested in joining the e-mail list, please contact the list manager Annika Lonkila (

The society welcomes to its members all researchers and students who are interested in human–animal relations and the cultural and societal factors that shape these relations. The annual membership fee is 20 Euros. For more information about the membership, please contact the membership officer Pinja Mustajoki (pinja.mustajoki(at)

If you have any queries concerning the society, please do not hesitate to contact the chairperson Heta Lähdesmäki (e-mail. hailah(at)

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